Portable Wifi

Types of Portable Wi-Fi

There are many different types of portable wifi devices out there. Some of them include Airtel, Verizon, NetGear, Mi-Fi and Solis. However, there are some things you need to look out for when choosing a portable wifi.

Mi-Fi device

A Mi-Fi device is portable Wi-Fi, which allows you to access the Internet while on the go. It’s a smart solution for people who travel often.

While there are several types of MiFi devices, they all perform the same basic function. They connect your mobile phone to the Internet and enable you to share the connection with other devices. The device can be purchased as a stand-alone router or as a dongle.

The device is powered by a battery, which will last about 13 hours. You must have access to a strong cell signal to connect the device.

While the device provides a great way to connect to the Internet, it does not work well with weak cellular signals. In addition, the battery may not last long if you have many users connected.

Travel Wifi

Whether you’re traveling for a short period of time, working or studying abroad or from home, experience seamless, convenient connectivity. When you rent our TravelWifi Portable Hotspot, you get access to wifi in over 130 countries around the world and 4G LTE coverage speed. Connect up to five devices for efficiency and productivity, and manage your data directly from the app.

Whether you’re traveling for a short period of time, working or studying abroad or from home, experience seamless, convenient connectivity.Key Features

  • Up to 4G LTE Speed
  • Flexible Data Options
  • Delivered to Your Home
  • Connect 5 Devices
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Password Protected
  • CloudSIM Technology


Verizon portable wifi allows you to use your home internet plan while on the go. It works with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

You can create a secure Wi-Fi network for up to 15 people. This makes it convenient to browse the web or watch TV shows from the road.

Portable WiFi has become a popular means of staying connected while on the go. Most smartphones include a built-in mobile hotspot feature. There are also a few stand-alone models available for purchase. The best model is one that supports 10 devices at once.

The Jetpack is a Verizon portable wifi device that connects to your data plan and broadcasts a WiFi signal wherever you go. Unlike other mobile hotspots, this device does not drain your phone’s battery.


If you are looking for a portable wifi that can cover a wide area, you should consider buying the Netgear Nighthawk M6. This powerful device provides the most secure private WiFi connections for your phone and laptop. It supports up to 32 connected devices, and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon SDX62 Mobile Platform.

It also comes with the latest In-Home Performance Mode, which boosts your WiFi coverage by as much as 2000 square feet. Plus, the device shuts off in the event of power loss. The battery lasts for up to 13 hours. You can also charge compatible devices with the Type-C port.

Another feature is the ability to have 20 simultaneous connections. You can also add microSD cards for extra storage. Additionally, you can manage tethering through the web-based admin tool.


When it comes to portable WiFi, Solis offers a bevy of options. For starters, you can choose between the portable Solis WiFi Hotspot and the more faddish Solis Lite. Regardless of which you choose, you can be sure to have the latest and greatest in connectivity technology. Depending on which you choose, you’ll also have the option to pick up a handy power bank.

The aforementioned Solis Lite can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices at once, while the Solis WiFi Hotspot can be used for up to 16 hours. In addition to providing a jolt of internet access, the device has a built in 4700mAh battery that can be used to power the hotspot or recharge your mobile devices. Another cool feature of the Solis Lite is the fact that it supports over 200 4G LTE capable carriers around the world.






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